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Posted by Admin on 25th May 2012

Is it Alright To Run Long Distances With Knee Osteoarthritis?

After three thousand and five studies, where they all agree that a positive balance between exercise and a healthy diet are key to having a fruitful and extended life, most of us enroll into some type of hobby that is beneficial for us. Our goal is to keep our body fat low, waist size normal, be in shape, ensure a good heart condition, and of course appear attractive. A great way of doing this is to take on running for extended periods, it is super challenging, and to be able to do it required to work your way up to acquiring this type of of conditioning and getting your muscles as well as your heart up to it. If we observe a marathon on huge events, one such as the Olympics we can see how much effort and extreme physical toll it can take, especially on the hips, ankles, and other joints of the lower body, since it seems like it’s high impact. In fact up to a few years ago a common belief was that it was actually bad and could possibly be a major cause of osteoarthritis. These were true like so many street tales and grandma told stories that had no reliability, nor any validated results. In 2008 though, researches from Stanford finally took time to put it all to rest and this was not something that was done with minimal effort, the actual study lasted a total of eighteen years. Comparing men whom had taken on such great sports and man of the same age group and physical condition but not involved in such type of activity. Results concluded that long distance running was not correlated with a higher prevalence of knee osteoarthritis. On top of that, participants in the exercise who did suffer from knee OA did not experience more severe pain or more debilitation than the individuals who did not participate in the activity.

Results are quite a relief for those who truly enjoy a mid-day or night stroll around the city, and doing this with the entire list of wonderful benefits included. When our action is to do something healthy we should never fear, and always friend true valuable data that can point us in the right direction. Of course if we already deal with chronic degenerative joint disease and discomfort, it could be beneficial to contact Osteo Relief Institute and schedule a time to meet with a medical doctor who will review your history and determine which direction to go and achieve the most positive outcome.

Posted by Admin on 22nd December 2011

One Shoe Type Not to Wear With Knee Osteoarthritis

The stiffness and discomfort of degenerative joint disease becomes an all too often complaint of people at some point in time in life. Lifestyle changes, such as developing a healthier diet and exercising regularly can help to decrease the negative impact that Arthritis has on your life. Wearing the correct type of shoe to can really help, and putting on other kinds can cause the situation go get worse.

The cartilage gets thinner with this medical condition and it can feel as if two bones are rubbing together when doing something as simple as walking down a hallway or along a trail at the edge of the water like at a lake or pond hurts real bad. What can be done to help? Get into a Osteo Relief Institute center location and get treatment, be sure to follow what your doctor reviews with you as to what the best daily living strategies are. Having high quality and the correct fitting footwear is critical when managing this issue. They need to provide support for the entire foot because this increases stability. Make sure to purchase new ones on a regular basis because they can wear out quite fast, especially if you are sticking to your exercise routine. The shock absorbing ability goes down over time and the cushion that can help absorb the shock of moving your lower extremities when there is gravity involved this is not good, you want protection and help. Comfort is important because no one wants to have foot pain along with the other problems.

So what is the type that should not be worn? Stilettos are not good for knee osteoarthritis and need to be avoided when possible. It is understandable that special functions have to be attended and you might want to present yourself wearing the latest fashion, so every once in a while should be alright. The regular use is what can increase decay and speed up a loss of mobility.

Posted by Admin on 6th December 2011

The Importance of Healthy Relationships And Family Support When Managing Arthritis

Your family should be allowed to know some of the limitations imposed upon you by your arthritis. You may not be able to button your blouse or shirt. You may have trouble zipping up your pants or tying your shoes. These limitations are due to your disease and are not limitations that have anything to do with your personal worth. Equating constraints from the disease with personal self worth is part of the disturbed emotional balance caused by disorders that have symptoms of continuous pain. It is acting on your mind by its intense pressure on your body and might hurt your relationship with other people; including with your own family.

Learning to allow your spouse, children, siblings and friends to help you with simple personal tasks can actually improve your relationship with them. They may feel helpless in dealing with your medical disorder. Sharing your willingness to talk about your special needs will build a better situation for yourself as well as for your spouse and children. You might begin to notice some improvement if you allow people around you to know what adds to your pain and what they can do to relieve it for you.

As you begin to trust your secret fears about your medical disorder with those who live with you, you will begin to find that trust transfers to your own mental health. The fact that mental health has much to do with chronic aches and discomfort is well documented. It is beneficial for your well being that you have a willingness to share yourself with those people who are always around you. It is important to review your detailed history with the doctor at Osteo Relief Institute center because this will help with your treatment plan. It feels good to know that your physician hears and understands your condition. Keeping your problems a secret makes things worse, and this goes for the physical and emotional kind. Both types are closely related and impact on the severity of one over the other.

Posted by Admin on 22nd November 2011

Two of The Best Sports For Individuals Over 50

The fact of turning over years really puts a lot of insecurities and doubts in our minds, especially after we turn fifty. We’d never thought that this point would come in our lives, one with lots of complaints of aching muscles and bones. Wondering if we are going to be able to be self-sufficient or not and maybe having people around to help out just in case. So looking around driving home, seeing people that are walking the neighborhood and notice that there are many whom are middle aged with gray hair, putting them over forty plus years of age, which makes us believe that when getting there we will be able to do that and more. Reaching this period in life it is important to must remember that with sports, seeking out the low impact types are best. It is kind on the knees and ankles simply because Arthritis is a common disease that requires the correct help making sure not to make pain worse.

One great activity or sport to get involved in is Golf; it has plenty of physical challenges with making a stroke correctly and getting the ball to where it needs to go. The benefits are that it requires plenty of concentration putting our mental capabilities to work, all the walking around does our heart a lot of good, and of course the stress levels decrease tremendously because simply looking around at nature can put us at a different place. The second one is swimming, mostly because of one factor the lack of gravitational force. This is super beneficial for those who suffer from conditions like Osteoarthritis since it great for painful joints. Indoor heated pools are a wonderful place to visit in the winter time, and outdoor during the summer. Review all activities with your doctor at Osteo Relief Institute center location. There are more sports out there to be practiced and the important thing is to keep positive spirits and don’t let the mind age the same as the body.

Posted by Admin on 1st November 2011

Osteo Relief Institute And Pain Behind The Knee

Most medical conditions cause discomfort in the front of the knees or on the sides. There are a few conditions, however, that lead to complaints of pain in the popliteal fossa, the area directly behind joint complex. While some of these conditions don’t carry immediate medical attention, two have the potential to be life or limb threatening. The first is DVT or deep vein thrombosis. This occurs when a blood clot forms in the veins of the leg. The most common reason for this is long periods of sitting in one position, for instance, traveling on a transatlantic flight. The danger that presents with this is that a blood clot may break free of the vein and travel to the heart, the lungs, or the brain.

The other serious condition is called a popliteal aneurysm. This occurs when the walls of the arteries weaken, usually due to old age. The blood in the arteries may burst through the weak spot. In this case, the clots travel down instead of up. As they move downward, they can cause nerve damage and block off the blood supply to the calves, ankles, and feet.

There are other causes of discomfort behind the knees. Pains in this area are often caused by a Baker’s cyst, which is behind the joint and filled with synovial fluid. The most common causes are osteoarthritis and trauma. They can go away sometimes without intervention, but if they are causing significant discomfort or disability, they may need to be drained. At Osteo Relief Institute we will review the different types of treatment options available depending on what the diagnosis is.

Finally, many cyclers experience an overuse injury called patellofemoral-pain syndrome. Treatment for this repetitive stress condition involves resting the joint and managing the irritation with cold packs and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Once the worst of the discomfort has faded, the patient may benefit from physical therapy for strengthening.

Posted by Admin on 9th July 2011

Osteo Relief Institute And 2 Healthy Living Tips for Knee Osteoarthritis

Taking the time to find the correct information about a specific topic is something that can bring positive rewards. It is far better to take a little extra time to get the right data before moving forward with a specific action. Lets take a minute and review two things that can make a positive impact for a lot of people.

Tip 1: Eat a Balanced Diet

This can seem like a very boring thing to think about. There really is not anything that exciting about this, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to slowing down the progression of degenerative osteoarthritis. The human body functions best when there is a balance of carbohydrate, protein, and fiber consumption on a consistent schedule. Having a small meal every two to three hours provides a great supply of energy for the body to work at optimal levels. Eating foods that are more alkaline than acidic is recommended as it can help the joints. Drinking at least eight eight ounce glasses of spring water is a must and has to be part of the daily routine. If you are currently not doing this then we can discuss a strategy with you when you come in for your therapy.

Tip 2: Exercise Regularly

It has been shown that exercise is highly beneficial for the body joints, specifically the weight bearing kind. Walking is one of the easiest activities that can be done to accomplish this. The great thing is that we all have things to do each day to live life which include shopping, working, leisure, fun with family, and many much more. Choosing to take the longest routes possible is one way to make the most of this. Instead of taking elevators or escalators choose the stairs. The knees might be in such bad shape that doing this is impossible. Getting the non-surgical treatment at Osteo Relief Institute center at the location closest to where you live could possibly be the answer to becoming more physically active. It can’t be stressed enough about the importance of sticking to the schedule and improving the condition.

Posted by Admin on 21st April 2011

Airplane Travel with Knee Pain

The internet is an invention that has made it very easy for all of us to access the information that we need and want. It only takes seconds to find the specific data that before would have taken hours, if not weeks to find. We will discuss a way to manage a condition and make it less of a headache than it normally is.

A knee problem can be chronic and if that is the case it has to be managed. If you suffer from osteoarthritis with knee pain then you could improve your condition by receiving treatments without the use of surgery at Osteo Relief Institute. You can contact a center that is close to your location and find out if this could be something that might help.

Sitting over a period of time can cause you to notice an increase in lower extremity discomfort. When you stand up you can notice stiffness. Flying is something that is done over an extended period of time and most people sit the entire trip. What is the best way to travel in a airplane with knee pain? The number one thing that you can do is stand often and walk around. It might be uncomfortable if you are sitting in a middle seat or next to a window because every time you get up your neighbor will have to move. Choosing the isle is the best option.

The emergency section of the airplane can offer more leg room and if possible choose one there. This way you can stretch your your legs out every once in a while. When selecting flights you might get the option to have a layover. This is a great selection because the time spent sitting can be decreased and time walking and standing will be increased. Last piece of advice is to use a brace. We will review with you how to wear it the right way so that you get the most benefit possible.

Posted by Admin on 1st April 2011

Inflammation of Joints and Water Intake

The best way to get the information that you need is to go out and find it. You have ended up on this website with the desire to find specific information and a possible solution to a problem. We hope you find what you are looking for and end up with the correct solution.

Many people simply do not drink enough water each day. With the easy availability of sodas, coffee, and teas it is no mystery as to why choosing something to drink other than H20 is so popular. Without adequate hydration in the body there can be complaints and symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, loss of sleep, increased joint and body pain, and many more.

Dehydration can cause inflammation in the joints. Without enough water intake there can be an increase of chemicals that enter into the bloodstream. The extra chemicals can end up in injured regions of the body (such as a knee that has osteoarthritis) and attract white blood cells. The combination of chemicals and white blood cells can lead to increased pain and a set up where there will be less joint cartilage and protection.

What is the point of this information? It is critical for those who want optimal results and want to relieve their joint pain and stiffness and increase mobility at Osteo Relief Institute to drink at least eight glasses full of eight ounces of water ever single day. This will help keep the inflammation levels down and the joints healthy.

Posted by Admin on 3rd March 2011

Osteo Relief Institute, High-Heel Shoes, and Knee Osteoarthritis

Taking one action towards improving an outcome can make a huge impact. It can mean many wonderful things can happen in the future. We will discuss how footwear can impact the knees, and either help them get better, or get worse.

Knee osteoarthritis is something that is more common in women than men. Women are often more fashion conscious when it comes to the topic of shoes. They tend to view high-heel shoes as more fashionable than flats. The question is what does wearing them do to the knee joint? The simple answer is they make it worse. They can speed up degeneration of the joint structures and cause it to wear out faster than normal. With the increased height of the posterior portion of the foot where the heel is and the narrowing of the front of the shoe there is increased force put on the joint. The patellofemoral compartment experiences more pressure because of the position of the foot and heel, as well as the medial compartment of the knee. The position this puts the feet in is not natural and worn over a period of time can make things worse.

If you are receiving non-surgical treatments at OsteoRelief Institute for your Arthritis then we will work with you to change your footwear to a more knee friendly design. There are great looking shoes available that can help improve your condition. Not only will they look fabulous, they will function even better.

Posted by Admin on 20th February 2011

OsteoRelief Institute And a Few Tips To Help The Elderly Stay Active

Often during our lifetime we search for ways to go faster and get the most done in the shortest amount of time. This is great with some things in life, but when it comes to staying active into the later years in life it can be beneficial to take a different approach.

Staying active into the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties can work wonders for longevity and quality of life. OsteoRelief Institute has a purpose to help those with joint pain caused by Osteoarthritis get relief so they can be as active as possible. We will review a few tips that can help the elderly stay active.

Owning a very friendly pet, such as a nice dog, is a great way to get out for a walk, or possibly a few in one days time. It is important to have a calm pet that will not cause more stress. It can be quite painful to use the stairs with knee arthritis, however after receiving treatment it can be beneficial skip out on using the elevator and walk up or down the stairs. Last, parking in a spot farthest away from the store that you are visiting will increase activity levels. It is quite tempting to take closest spot, however your health can benefit by parking further away. As an added benefit, you can experience less stress because no one else will be trying for your parking spot. Make sure to never over due it and always follow the Doctor or Physical Therapist’s advice.